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Study at any level, attend our SEO courses in Melbourne CBD

Our SEO courses in Melbourne are presented by specialists who work full time as search engine optimisation service providers and corporate trainers. The material taught is designed for people of all levels of experience- from complete beginners to seasoned professionals who work as SEO consultants or digital marketers within a small business or large company.

Hands-on, practical techniques- which will boost the Google rank of any website in any industry are taught in a workshop style training class.
Here are current times and dates for November and December 2017.

Be sure to read the important guidelines and prerequisites for students, further down this page.
Secure your spot with an email. Payment is required 48 hours prior. Cancellations after that time are accepted with 100% credit applied to another scheduled date. No loss of money, no penalty for re-booking.

Beginner SEO Course, November 2017

  • Held on: Tuesday 28th November 2017
  • Starts: 10:00 hrs, Ends: 14:30hrs
  • Cost: $520 (Usually $550)

Beginner SEO Course, December 2017

  • Held on: Tuesday 5th December 2017
  • Starts: 10:00 hrs, Ends: 14:30hrs
  • Cost: $520 (Usually $550)

Intermediate SEO Course, November 2017

  • Held on: Wednesday 29th November 2017
  • Starts: 10:00 hrs, Ends: 14:30hrs
  • Cost: $520 (Usually $550)

Advanced SEO Course, November 2017

  • Held on: Thursday 30th November 2017
  • Starts: 10:00 hrs, Ends: 14:30hrs
  • Cost: $520 (Usually $550)

Intermediate SEO Course, December 2017

  • Held on: Wednesday 6th December 2017
  • Starts: 10:00 hrs, Ends: 14:30hrs
  • Cost: $520 (Usually $550)

Advanced SEO Course December 2017

  • Held on: Thursday 7th December 2017
  • Starts: 10:00 hrs, Ends: 14:30hrs
  • Cost: $520 (Usually $550)

Bonus Email Support and Free Follow-up Session!

Students will have the reassurance of free, limited email support leading up to a review session. The revision must be taken within 14 days of the original training class. This means you can get SEO mentoring, and an assessment of your work within 14 days after training, to ensure you are doing everything correctly. Topics covered within email support are only those presented at the training day- and your review is of the work you have done, using the material taught.
tips for successful SEO course participation

Please Read the Following!

Bookings are held without a deposit, so if you are thinking about attending one of our sessions or seeking buy-in from your boss or department manager- put your name down, and save a spot in the class.
Full payment is to be made by bank transfer and cleared- no later than 24 hours before the session begins. By then- you would know whether you're attending or not. A tax invoice is provided, as well as specific course notes related to your own website- not generic spun material!

The SEO training course notes are specific.

They outline the material of the course within the context of your own website- using examples from your website and your industry.

We'll even take a look at why your competitors are succeeding against you- and what you can do about it.

More Dates for January 2018

If your website needs to get visibility problems sorted, there will be further classes scheduled during January 2018 and beyond. More courses and dates will be announced here soon.
If you're unable to make the classes listed here, put your name down to receive the next session details before public posting.

Classes fill quickly.

Looking for SEO Training in Melbourne this week?

Call our office, occasionally places become available on short notice, when people change dates or levels at the last minute.

Class Information

Our SEO class sizes are limited to 3 students per session, allowing for specialized instruction and the best possible learning experience.

SEO classes commence at 10 a.m. however… you are welcome to arrive any time after 0900 to ask questions about topics you'd like included.

Tips for SEO Students

It's best if you have a website- one which needs some SEO attention. We can teach Wordpress specific SEO techniques, Joomla SEO improvements and hacks to the core operating files which make Joomla websites perform better in search. Specialised training is available on the day, covering Magento, Zcart or specific seo tips which can be applied to any eCommerce platform, running a shopping cart or online store.
Sometimes eCommerce sites by their very nature and design, work against themselves, and cost their owners valuable search engine prominence.

SEO course bookings are essential.

Be sure to complete an if you are considering attending.

Bring your charged laptop, and do some initial assessments of your competition, so we can use this as a basis for discussion.
learning SEO is informative and fun with our relaxed teaching style

Three Levels of SEO Training

One of our seo courses will be just right for you.

Here's a little about each of the three main levels of seo teaching we provide:

Follow the links to the information pages for each level of search engine optimisation course.

Read about those that interest you, and if you have any questions at all, please complete an and we'll get back to you promptly.

Learn SEO on a Website of Your Choice

There' no better way to learn, than by jumping right in to your elbows.

Provide a URL- hopefully your own website- so we can demonstrate search engine optimisation essentials in a way you can follow and understand.

This means you'll have specific recommendations for a successful search engine optimisation campaign, before you conclude for the day.

We don't need back end access- all our teaching is done from the front end- after all, Google is interested in the visitor experience your website provides to real humans.

Book an In-House SEO Seminar for Your Marketing Team or Webmasters

If your IT department, website managers or online marketing personnel could benefit from a tailored workshop, we can design a specific presentation to address any SEO queries your organisation might have.

Our will make a positive difference to your website's performance within search.

If you have your own website development people in-house, or internet marketing interns, we can provide specific recommendations to save you the expense of having to outsource your SEO requirements.

We'll even provide insights and specific recommendations for improving your Google rank- clear actionable steps you'll be able to use that same day to make a positive difference to your visibility within search results pages.

Speak with us today. Complete an for more information about a custom seo training seminar presented at your workplace.

Specific Advice for Course Attendees

You'll get the most from your SEO course if you're able to do the following, before the day of training:
  • know who your competitors are
  • know which terms they outrank your website for
  • have access to your own website control panel or administrator backend
  • consider any plans you might have for future products or service expansion
  • know what seo work has already been done on the website

Having these simple points addressed will enable you to have the best, most rewarding experience from our interactive, practical search engine optimisation courses.


Every client who has attended an SEO course has experienced positive gains in organic rank, website traffic and conversions.
Come in and see emails of thanks from real domains- and check the rank of those domains for their keywords.

Learning search engine optimisation the right way, sets you up to manage your website and digital marketing into the future. We provide a free diagnosis of every student's website to help set an action plan.

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