Workplace SEO Training

In-house SEO Training- Presented Onsite for Your Company

Are you looking to get some SEO training in-house?
Does your online marketing department need to polish their seo skills and get up to date with the latest search engine optimisation techniques?

Our Melbourne SEO Courses can be customised to your precise needs, with your website used as the teaching example. Enjoy the convenience of an onsite search engine optimization seminar.

What You Can Expect to Learn

We’ll cover the most important foundations and practices of developing and publishing rank-worthy content on the web, to increase the conversions through your website. Conversions are measured differently, depending on the business. The buying cycle is as varied as businesses themselves. We’ll crystallize the best measurement criteria and help you understand what your web visitor data means.
You’ll learn the valuable framework criteria of content that’s successful- and how to follow those guidelines within your business. We’ll also look at how to optimise a page for the right keywords, once you’ve used the methods we’ll show you, to determine the search queries that people would use to find your website when they are ready to spend.

Participants will also have a solid understanding of how to manage an ongoing SEO campaign and adjust the optimisation of page for different queries as the times change.

During the course of the day, we’ll create notes for you- as a template to follow, so that you have some guidelines moving forward. Your marketing staff or digital managers can follow these guidelines for applying best search engine optimization to your website.

Who is the Training Designed For?

If your search engine optimisation is managed in-house, whether by an SEO team, marketing department or website manager, they can benefit from our coaching. Digital marketers who promote your business online, or manage assets available to the public via the internet, will benefit from our tailored workplace search engine optimisation sessions.

You might need an seo specialist to come in and help with answers to specific questions or concerns. One common seo problem we are called in to fix is lack of ranking within e-commerce sites. SEO problems occur when someone has worked on the web site with less than comprehensive skills. Often people who do in-house search engine optimisation have to make compromises when they try to please different departments within the company. The compromises often dilute the seo efforts made by the team, and cost you rank.

We Help With Strategy and Teach Implementation Methods

We can take a detailed look at your company website, current SEO methods and techniques in use by your interns and make specific recommendations for better seo- to help you achieve the results you seek.
We’ll develop an seo strategy for you which your staff can implement over time- a precise plan of action to help your team achieve the best Google rank for your company web site and reap the ultimate reward- more business from better visibility online.

We can also teach you the recovery process and steps to take for reversing a Google penalty- essential to get your online presence moving again if you’ve fallen victim to bad SEO in the past.

Before booking an in-house or onsite seo training course, we recommend you do the following:

  • determine who your industry competitors are
  • check the search terms they outrank you for
  • have access to web analysis data
  • think about any future expansion in terms of products or services
  • ensure you have all your website and server logins so you can access all files within the site

Once you have all the information outlined above, we’ll be able to work with you to present a training program designed with your specific seo goals in mind.

SEO Training In House Requirements

If you’d like seo training for you staff, the in house course works best if everyone has their own machine as well as access to the internet during the session. If people are using laptops, ensure these are fully charged. A whiteboard helps with presenting- and an interruption-free workplace encourages great learning!

Arranging a Session- More Information

Feel free to prepare a list of topics and questions you might have, these can be general SEO topics or website specific questions and strategic recommendations. The answers will be woven into context of the material presented during training. We can help you with anything you need, and help you or your team overcome any search engine optimisation obstacles.

Sessions are unique to your business. There is also material presented which our SEO course attendees receive. The emphasis will be on creating a program for your website which you or your staff can begin implementing the day after the course. For further information, hit the contact button in the menu and complete an online inquiry. Get professional SEO training onsite, delivered at your business, with a free follow up one-hour review session if you book a spot before the end of May 2020.

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