SEO Writing Course

SEO writing course

Our SEO writing course is the comprehensive training web copy writers and marketers need in order to create high ranking pages. Also, website content developers, bloggers and small business owners will benefit from this course on how to write copy that ranks in search engines. The syllabus represents the ultimate training class – from our suite of SEO training courses for people who are responsible for writing content for web pages which rely on organic search visibility to attract visitors. Developing text which appeals to human visitors as well as search engine assessment algorithms is a delicate balance- and one you can learn.

This course for writing SEO optimized web copy benefits people who are responsible for creating on-page text and media in order to rank for keywords which will ultimately bring conversions. The principles can be applied to pages which promote services, as well as .
You’ll also learn how to maintain the balance between writing so that search engines understanding the meaning of your page- and people enjoy reading what you’ve written. Tie it all together- and take this search engine optimization centric seo copy writing course.

SEO Writing Course Dates

SEO Writing Course April 2024

  • Held on: Tuesday 16th April 2024
  • Starts: 10:00 hrs,Ends: 14:30hrs
  • Cost: $520 (Usually $550)

SEO Writing Course May 2024

  • Held on: Friday 10th May 2024
  • Starts: 10:00 hrs,Ends: 14:30hrs
  • Cost: $520 (Usually $550)

SEO Writing Course April 2024

  • Held on: Thursday 18th April 2024
  • Starts: 10:00 hrs,Ends: 14:30hrs
  • Cost: $520 (Usually $550)

SEO Writing Course May 2024

  • Held on: Monday 13th May 2024
  • Starts: 10:00 hrs,Ends: 14:30hrs
  • Cost: $520 (Usually $550)

Our SEO Writing Courses Cover These Important Elements

What makes our SEO Writing courses different?

Lots of things.

The material presented has been developed based on writing copy for web pages which rank very highly on page 1 of organic search results- so you know you are learning the best way to craft text and develop content.

You will be learning a proven, winning system.

Not something promoted on social media which is invisible anywhere else- nor some mashed up, heavily discounted package where the only tempting attribute is that it’s being offered at a discounted price.

Our course for website copywriters who want to write SEO optimized copy gets straight into the stuff that matters!
Although this post by MOZ says keywords matter less now than they once did- there’s a deeper message there. The meaning of what is on the page plays an important role in the page’s ability to rank.

Search engines assess where your content fits in the hierarchy of worthiness, when they try to match search results to the visitor’s intent.

They try and understand the meaning of what you are trying to say, within the context of what is written in the piece.

Writing better on-page copy helps Google, Bing and Yahoo pick up signals from how snippets are put together. The search engines get lots of clues from copy writers who understand SEO.

How Our SEO Copywriting Courses Help You Write Pages That Rank

Programs within the search engine’s database and index of pages process how sentences are written, and study words which surround primary and secondary key words within the article or web page being scanned.

The searcher’s intent is known only to the searcher- yet that doesn’t mean the searcher knows how to ask Google the right question phrased correctly.

Try bringing an ambiguous question to a search engine, and returning a perfectly targeted answer to this vague or incoherent question, and you’ll soon see the challenge.

The only hope of this fairy tale coming closer to a happy ending, is through the skill of the professional wordsmith.

Enter the SEO Copywriter Masterclass.

SEO Copy Writing- Learn How to Do It

The next search engine optimisation copy writing class, is scheduled for Tuesday 10th April 2024. The session will cover the following in detail:

  • Establishing your expertise and mastery of the subject- or convey the expertise of your client, to the website visitor
  • How to write a piece that’s reader-friendly and SEO compliant
  • Word length- what’s best- and when should you break the rules?
  • Setting outcome expectations for clients who book your services
  • How to handle the problem of “We’ve always done it this way”- when “their way” is wrong
  • What if you can say it quickly and there’s nothing left- how do you bulk out the copy and not sound ridiculous?
  • Special enhancements to get your work indexed and ranked higher
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) fundamentals every copywriter should know

Be sure to call in advance and register. No deposit is payable- so no loss of money if you don’t show up. The training is held at a venue which has free off-street parking, is very close to public transport and has excellent dining facilities and atmosphere. SEO Writing classes commence at 10:00 am. We allow a short break for lunch. The classes conclude at 2:30 pm. The session runs for 4 solid hours (or a bit more!), and includes 30 minutes extra, for a break. Participants receive a follow-up assessment of two pieces of their work, by email which should be submitted within a week of the course’s completion. The cost of the session is just $520- including GST. This is payable on the day, before the class commences. Or you can pay before the day.

Google Notices When Humans Share Content

As of this writing, robots still lack emotion, so one of the things the Googlebot uses to try and assess the rank-worthiness of what you write, is how people have reacted to the particular piece in the past.

As humans we tend to pass on something we’ve found which could easily be of value to our friends or family- and every time this happens, your content earns a discreet little tick of approval back in Google HQ.

Of course sharing- via email, links, or social media- aren’t the only signal to indicate rank-worthy content.

Our Melbourne SEO Copywriting Course – part of our suite of will teach you how to determine- and write with- the balance of well-rounded content that gives people what they’ve come looking for, as well as providing Google with enough reasons to respect you as an authority on the topic.

Enquire Today- Learn How to Write Better Copy

Our Copy Writing for SEO Courses are held regularly. The material is curated for people who write copy, bloggers and website managers of online eCommerce shops.
Come and master the skills and you’ll be better equipped to bring your message to the world. We’ll show you how to keep your own unique style of writing and communication- essentially what we teach is how to embellish your articles and website copy to get you ranked higher, indexed more frequently and ultimately earn you a greater readership on the web.

Our SEO copywriting courses will take your content writing, asset management and on page search engine optimisation skills to the next level, in a single one-day session.

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