SEO Practical Workshop June 2024

learn practical SEO skills in a one-day workshop on 14th June 2024 in Melbourne CBD
SEO One Day “Essentials” Masterclass: 14th June 2024

Our hands on, practical search engine optimisation workshop is designed to get you set up to effectively manage SEO for your own website. This one-day search engine optimisation workshop is different. It combines digital marketing essentials with practical strategies to get you ranking on page 1. You’ll get a great start on the road to page one of Google organic listings.
We will look at your overall web presence, and discover properties and resources you can leverage, to push website rank higher and further than you have gone until now, in your quest for better visibility.
Learn real-world skills related to optimising your website for search, and move forward in 2024. The content is tailored for digital marketing personnel, and suits small business owners or website managers- as well as corporate teams, agencies or web developers simply wanting to expand their skill set.

Doing your own search engine optimization is rewarding, and puts you in charge of your destiny. Instead of guessing and risking your livelihood- work with safe, proven techniques which are powerful and effective.

More SEO Workshops in July 2024!

If you are unable to attend the Masterclass in June, the next date to be available will be during July 2024. All SEO intensive workshops are held in our Dandenong South training rooms or a CBD venue with cool catering, drinks, luxurious surroundings and free WIFI!
Sessions are standalone. All the search engine optimisation essentials for a business website, are curated into one action packed day.

A Synopsis of the Day

We’ll start by taking a look at the underlying fundamentals of SEO, essentially a recap of the beginner search engine optimisation class. The founding principles of search- and how very little has changed in some respects. Of course on the flip side, there have been some monumental changes in what drives search, and what governs who is shown where on the results page. We’ll go through this in a contextual sense so that you will understand exactly how to apply it to your own website.
Then we’ll look at a rounded, balanced approach to search engine optimisation for now and the future- so you continue to gain traction in your climb up through the rankings- and don’t get penalised down the track. You’ll also get some SEO mentoring specific to your website, your situation and your industry, on the day.

Here’s What You Need

You’ll need either:

    • A website online which you have the ability to edit the content on


  • A plan for the development of a website, ideally with some initial page content, and some idea of how you plan to set out the navigation
  • Your own laptop computer
  • A means of connecting to the internet- dongle, phone, wifi card
  • A list of desired search terms you would like your website to rank for
  • A list of your main competitors for those terms
  • Details of any SEO work done in the past on your website

Once you have all of these items in place, it will be time to roll your sleeves up and get down to some serious search engine optimisation strategy development. We’ll look at what you’re doing with regards to website optimisation- and where your present strategy is likely to take you.
Next we’ll check the steps you need to take to move higher in organic search rank, and set out a plan for you to follow, in order to achieve that.

What You Will Have at the Conclusion

You’ll definitely be on information overload… You’ll have an understanding of SEO that will enable you to make informed judgements and assessments about what to do next. The fact and the fiction of website optimisation will clearly occupy different sides of the centre line, and you’ll definitely know what’s right and wrong, in the online world.
You’ll take home the following:

  • A clear, safe structure for developing “on-page” titles, descriptions and meta tags- use this system on your current website and any future projects
  • An understanding of what you need to work on next, with regards to your own website optimisation
  • changes you can implement within your website content, for better visibility within search
  • A sound strategy for using social media for your SEO specific to your industry– and an understanding of what so many businesses do wrong on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social platforms
  • An understanding of where SEO is heading within the foreseeable future, and why you should prepare now- not when some Penguin sends you running for cover
  • How to silently, and fairly effortlessly, track whats going on behind your back which concerns you and impacts your rankings
  • An awareness of specific low-hanging fruit within your website which you’ll be able to leverage right away
  • A health report on your website- if there are any areas of concern, these will be highlighted to you, and recommendations will be made for what needs to be done from a developer’s perspective

To secure a spot in this tightly knit group, you’ll need to send us an email with your details and website. This is so that we don’t have two people from the same industry present at the same time. There won’t be any chance whatsoever, of a competitor sitting alongside you, listening to your plans and strategy.

The Cost of this Amazing Day

The total cost, including GST, is only $825, and although our training room comfortably sits 15 people, spaces are limited to just 3 attendees, to provide for tighter focus, better learning- and the opportunity to receive one-on-one guidance, on the day.

The training session includes a free, one-to-one follow-up six weeks later, to check your work and progress. Optimise your website for Google search, and get some extra mentoring in SEO, too!

A Free Follow-up Session is Included!

Everyone has question later- and appreciates a personal evaluation of their work, and a review of progress. We’ve decided to include a free review session which must be taken on a weekday, within 2 weeks of the original training date. You’ll also be entitled to limited email support, related to items presented at the workshop, before the review.

Two individual, stand-alone SEO One-Day Masterclass Education Events will go ahead during June and July 2024. If you’d like to inquire about places, send us a note via the contact page today.

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