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SEO Tips for Dress Designers

search engine optimisation for clothes designers and dress makers

If the large fashion houses present as a daunting opponent, to you the small online fashion retailer- fear not! You can beat them in the pursuit of high organic visibility- and outfox their moves on the internet.

Our SEO suggestions can be implemented by people who manage their own websites to sell clothes or who use their online presence to draw inquiries which will lead to more walk-in traffic at store level. These techniques are also ideal for fashion designers who work from home, and produce limited numbers of styles and garments per season.

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SEO-friendly Website CMS Attributes

what to look for in CMS systems for search engine optimisation performance

We provide a checklist of what to look for to ensure your website is built on an SEO friendly CMS. If you already have a site on an all-in-one hosting and building package, check this article to see that you can unlock the potential of your content to rank- otherwise you might as well be offline, if nobody can find you.

Many of the popular CMSs contain inbuilt handicaps which make it difficult for a website to reach its full potential for organic search visibility. There is good news- problems with content management systems can be overcome with a little expertise and patience.

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SEO Fundamentals Overview

current google ranking factors explained simply

Understand what SEO is and how you should approach the task of optimising a website if you are a marketing intern, agency account manager or small business owner. We explain the changing landscape of search, from queries, artificial intelligence and crafting pages to keep everyone happy, at all levels of your enterprise.

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