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Melbourne SEO courses for small businessWe provide SEO short courses to students of all levels. Learn the safest, most practical methods of website optimisation. Develop your skills, through practical examples and exercises on the day. Improve the quality of your site during the class, and see positive gains in rank in the coming few weeks.

Lessons develop a solid foundation for moving forward. Learn the correct techniques to use in order to make a positive difference in your website’s rank, visibility and ability to attract qualified organic traffic through search engines. Our study material is developed for people who would like to build their skills to confidently implement changes to content, website architecture and back linking with the intention of boosting organic traffic and converting more visitors to paying customers. Classes are generally held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays in our rooms, located in Dandenong South or in a nearby venue with fast free Wifi, great coffee and even greater food.

At times we offer sessions in the Melbourne CBD- so it’s worth inquiring about the next one. They take place at an inner city location, on Mondays and occasionally Fridays.

Informative, helpful lessons will focus on and present specific advice relevant to your website, and your situation. You will move confidently forward along the path of understanding how search engines read, rank and index a page. Develop an understanding of the techniques that successful professionals use.

Use the skills taught, to gain greater reach throughout the internet, and get your website found for your best keywords.

More visibility equates to more traffic! Optimizing your content correctly- is critical in bringing just the right web traffic to your domain.

Private tutoring is available most weeks throughout the year.

Bookings are essential, as we have small class numbers to allow for a better and more thorough, learning experience.

learn search engine optimisation at any of our specialized sessions

Next Dates for SEO Short Courses

Looking for a search engine optimisation course that teaches the latest, safest skills and techniques? We’ve got classes scheduled most weeks during February 2019- with more scheduled for March 2019 and beyond. The training is for students of all levels. Course material has been developed especially for marketers, communications managers, SEO staff, and agency personnel. Each student receives an assessment of one website’s rank-worthiness. We reverse engineer a competitor’s on-page SEO strategy- as well as see what they haven’t done correctly- to give our attendees the best chance at boosting rank quickly.

If you need private SEO tuition, individual classes with tailored lessons can be delivered at your workplace or our rooms. These focus on your website, your keywords and reverse engineer your competitors’ strategies in more depth, so you can beat them in organic rank.

Read about the masterclass workshop, to be held in February 2019. This exciting event covers a total digital marketing strategy in one action-packed day. Examples of strategies are developed specifically for you, and implement on your website that very day.

Content has been developed in order to teach practical, results-oriented skills. Learn by participation. Uniquely customised notes are part of every class. The material taught, is practical, informative and relevant to the most effective search engine optimization techniques of 2019.

See the list of dates for search engine optimisation courses in Melbourne and inquire about the best one for you!

Comprehensive Training Modules

Full spectrum Internet Marketing tuition

Our SEO courses cover specifics relating to all the popular web CMSs in use today. We’ll take you beyond the plug-ins- and show you how to get a finer level of control over how your pages are seen and indexed. If you want to gain an understanding how to build a website and include optimize it from the very beginning, we encourage you to look at our website design and SEO training courses, available during the day or in the evenings.

Our conveniently locations provide the perfect opportunity for you to study, in a workshop environment where you get guidance on the practical use of what you learn.

It’s wise to shift focus from the blue links of page 1 search results, and concentrate more on acquiring qualified traffic to your website.

Penguin 2016 brought updates and a tightening of how websites earn their rank. We will explain and tech you the skills required to hold your ground against websites that compete directly with yours. Safe ethical strategies to get you ranking in the short-term future and beyond.

Whether you want to learn SEO to help you understand the work a professional SEO company is doing, or to do your own search engine optimisation- we will teach you all the skills you need to make a positive, dramatic improvement to your website rank within Google search.

If you’re still doing SEO the old way- with keywords lists and spreadsheets… we’ve got some startling news for you!

These days, there’s so much more to search engine optimisation than keyword search volumes.

Understand how to spot the right time to work hard at optimising your website and when you should back off and give it a break. Sometimes you can do too much of a good thing!

Learn what your visitors really want- what they expect from an authoritative website – one which encourages them to do business with you. Gain insight into how Google determines what sort of visitor experience you are providing, and how search engines decide whether or not your rank has been earned via sweat and effort, or trickery.

Understand why reading about SEO on forums and websites where nobody is accountable for what is written- might get you started on the wrong path. You’ll know exactly where the traps are- and what mistakes to avoid.

Ultimately control the success of your website. Our Melbourne SEO short courses have been designed by leading practitioners, to teach you all the skills you need.

Contact our Melbourne office to find out more.

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