WordPress SEO Course

Wordpress 1 day SEO course

Learn to optimise your website properly. Our tailored WordPress SEO course will walk you through the practical side of making changes in order to bring positive ranking gains. Our classes teach all skills relating to optimising websites. This ensures you’ll learn how do do what really matters. Examples include designing site architecture and content for optimal crawling, indexing and ranking.

WordPress search engine optimisation courses address the most important ranking factors for web pages. Firstly- keywords- and why they matter so much. Secondly we look at semantics and co-occurence as well as establishing the real meaning of the content you create so that Google ranks you for the queries that will get you the clicks you need. Thirdly- we explore the technical aspects of WordPress SEO and you will learn about the settings you need to tweak to make your website a valuable online resource. This means visitors will share links and google will place you within prominent positions for the right searches. If you are considering a , this session includes all the material from that course presented for a WordPress user.

You can enroll in any of our and receive personal coaching on the day. This means the material taught will be targeted to your unique keywords, and website.

Learn SEO for WooCommerce

We offer WooCommerce SEO training tailored for people who run e-commerce websites in a competitive market. Learn all about optimising your online shop with proper category trees, canonical tags- and avoid the main 7 errors most online sellers make. We show you how to tune world’s most popular content management system so that you benefit from more visitors! Because keywords matter so much- using the right ones means you will attract targeted organic traffic. In turn, your website will help you find the right customers to do business with.

Learn How to Configure WordPress for SEO

Yoast SEO course - personal training

There’s lots you can do in order to configure Yoast plugin for WordPress to ensure greater visibility in organic search. This means tweaking your site title, optimizing web architecture and snippet variables. Furthermore- you’ll learn about the hidden gems that most users overlook. Our practical workshop teaches you how to set up the framework of your website, design your architecture for optimal crawling and indexing so that you gain the advantage of learning from a WordPress Yoast SEO Specialist.
Some of the modules covered include:

  • Writing the perfect piece- there’s more to it than the green light of compliance
  • Categorising content for better SEO
  • Siloing and how to make it work for you
  • Taking Yoast to the next level
  • Using links as a professional SEO would

Know what to do- and when to do it. For example- there is an optimal keyword density to strive for when developing content. Additionally- you will learn the perfect content development cycle for SEO. This means your time and resources will be used most effectively in order to maximise the return on the effort you put in to SEO for your WordPress website.

WordPress SEO Course for Yoast Users

Our WordPress SEO Course has several modules which are laser-focused on the Yoast plugin. This means you’ll be better equipped to use the features of the free version. Also- if you’re a paid version user, our material covers the extra benefits you get from upgrading. Know how to make critical keyword, configuration and strategy decisions. See below for some of the points we cover, during our SEO training for WordPress.

Why KeyWords Matter

WordPress Courses teach focus keyword attribute selection

Our WordPress SEO classes place special emphasis on keywords. They still count- more than ever- otherwise how would search engines understand what the real meaning of the page is?
Learn the formula- use keywords properly.

WordPress SEO Essentials

WordPress Search Engine Optimisation Essentials Course

Make sense of optimizing your website. We offer search engine opitmisation training for WordPress webmasters. We teach compliant, white-hat SEO only- don’t risk your livelihood.
Learn professional techniques!

Custom Fields Explained

Learn to use WordPress custom fields for SEO

Custom fields can be helpful with assigning new meta data. In some instances this can help your SEO by helping humans and bots understand your page.
We’ll show you how to use these fields.

Readability Matters

learn about SEO readability scores using Yoast for WordPress

Humans and bots need to understand the primary topic of your page. You’re converting human visitors. Learn to understand the machine which grades you for ranking!
Do it right for both.

Learn Yoast SEO Tools

Use Yoast for smarter content rank-worthy analysis

The green dots are only a starting point to earning page one rankings. Not all the dots are critical factors. As with most things- there are exceptions.
We explain them to you.

Content Analysis Explained

study principles of yoast content analysis

You’ve heard “Content is King” cried from the forums where nobody is accountable. Seems it’s common knowledge. If they all know it- why aren’t they ranking?
We’ll show you why…

Upcoming Course Dates: WordPress SEO

WordPress SEO Course, July 2024

  • Held on: Monday 8th July 2024
  • Starts:09:00 hrs,Ends:15:30hrs
  • Cost: $520 (Usually $550)

WordPress SEO Course, July 2024

  • Held on: Monday 22nd July 2024
  • Starts:09:00 hrs,Ends:15:30hrs
  • Cost: $520 (Usually $550)

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    Learn Practical Skills

    Beginners WordPress 1 day SEO training courseOur WordPress SEO Courses are practical, in depth and thorough. Because of this, they deliver results that matter. They have been designed for people who have basic WordPress skills. You don’t need to be a programmer- all you need to be able to do is find your way around the administrator interface. This means you can do what’s needed right away. Boost your rank in search and keep your website’s reputation intact. Learn search engine optimisation for WordPress that will make a measurable positive difference.